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5 Advantages of Having a Side Chick

5 Advantages of Having a Side Chick

It’s a good thing to get a Side Chick especially when you are marrying a single wife, When a ever life goes on everything changes, you will never feel uncomfortable or feel so much depression. here are 5 Advantages of Having a Side Chick.

  • Side chicks are always available for you, when ever you feel unsettled they will make you calm.
  • Helps you spend savings money – they like chilling، she will make you know any Club, Joint, Hotel & Bar and this will boost your wise.
  • Fight for your side – when you get a Yoruba side chick she will fight for your side, especially when the fight is between you and your wife.
  • Bring you out of trouble – many of them know big people in the city. So when you get into trouble they will be your godfather and bring you out.
  • Finally sidechick will get you killed – the best part of side chick advantage is getting you killed. Either she murder you and carry all your belongs or she make you a real poor and leave you.

ADVICE: As long as you have a wife, don’t get a Side Chick even if you need one just marry her. They’re curse to the society.

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