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7 Reasons Why Northern Upcoming Artiste Will Never Blow

7 Reasons Why Northern Upcoming Artiste Will Never Blow


Here are 7 Reasons Why Northern Upcoming Artiste will never blow in Music and some advises on how to regain their level.

Northern Nigeria lacks in Afrobeat, Hiphop and RnB Music because of many reasons that is stopping them from being famous in the continent.

These reasons are:

  1. Religious: Half quarter of North is Islamic Believers. It’s against Islamic rule to participate Music on this category. As listed on >> Music Prohibition in Islam.
  2. Lacks in family support: It’s a great achieve when a family support their own but in North most of Upcoming Artiste are not being supported by Family.
  3. International Music Platforms: most of them don’t believe on International Music Platform such as Spotify, Apple Music and others. >>How to Upload your Song Lyrics on Instagram & Facebook
  4. Arrogance: some of upcoming artiste feels that even Bob Marley and Michael Jackson are under their Talent; all people believe arrogance is a great mistake of achieving goals.
  5. Fake productions: using free beat and instrumental instead of making a new content. This happens because of lack in big producers in the region.
  6. Bribe and Corruption; some biggest and responsible artist can’t help small one. Until they pay money for something, like promoting or posting content on big page. Small example is paying money before submitting Song/Video on TV or Radio as a bribe
  7. Lack of Manager; North riches don’t take Music as a business, so they don’t invest their money on Music, this brings lack of Big Recording Label in North. >> How to submit your Video to AREWA24

These reasons stop many Artistes to blow, but as a result of new generation of people we hope to see everything changes.

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7 Reasons Why Northern Upcoming Artiste Will Never Blow

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