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A Duniya 39 Mp4 Download

A Duniya 39 Mp4 Download

Director/Editor – Abba Dorayi
Story/Screenplay – Tijjani Asase
DoP – Nelcon 24, Usher
Sound – Shamsu Glo
Light – Kabiru Hannu Daya (All inside) A Duniya 39 Mp4 Download

A little bit of last week’s Aduniya Series .

Dan Mallam stepped on the steps of the thief, who was arrested and beaten by the villagers.

Kanabaro came and took Dan Mallam to the hospital and told his family that, they had a motorcycle accident on their way home.

Mayaki also went to the candidate’s house and killed the party leader, ordered him to choose one corp out of the two corpse he killed.

Abale also traveled around the world enjoying his life, while Mayaki ne was looking for him blindly, because he had attacked his younger sister.

In today’s episode, we think Kanabaro will attack the neighborhood as a result of Dan Mallam’s murder.

What the candidate will do to take the corpses out from his home, and what action he will take after Mayaki leave the house.

1. What should Abale do about protecting his life?.
2. Can police arrest the Candidate?.
3. Kanabaro is he going to take the revenge?.

Download Aduniya Episode 39 and get your answers.

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