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Biography of Zayn Ice

Saleh Ahmed better known as Zayn Ice, is a Nigerian HipHop & Pop Artist from Northern Nigerian born on 10th Feb, 1997. – Biography of Zayn Ice

His father Alhaji Ahmed is from Jos, Shadan Nigeria. He live in Yakasai Kano, later migrate to Wudil Kano.

Zayn start his first Record in the year 2010, under his colleague Record.

Later sign his own Record, and continue dropping hottest project, videos and trends.

He features many biggest artist such as Technic, NT4, Bin Arlih and others.

Usually produced his project with Master K, the notorious producer from Southern Kano State.

Recently, he release Fitila Ep, and the Ep trend to the top and earns him respect from other Artist.

Biography of Zayn Ice


Instagram – @zayn_ice

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