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Hafsat Idris reach 2M Followers on Instagram

The Kannywood actress Barauniya, known as Hafsat Idris reach 2M Followers on Instagram

The Actress on Instagram, is a woman who knows everything happening and posts her own contents regularly.

One out of biggest actresses, that appeared many project films that raised the glory of Kannywood like Barauniya.

She encourage many Upcoming Actors/Actress, Musician by posting contents and vibe their songs for free.

Most part that attract her followers is a behavior and savage.

Hafsat is not the only actress whose followers reached this Millions. Recently Saratu Gidado Daso gets One Million Instagram Followers and now today Hafsat Idris reach 2M Followers on Instagram;

Here are the list of Kannywood most followed on Instagram:

  1. Rahma Sadau – @rahamasadau2.5M
  2. Hadiza Gabon – @adizatou2.3M
  3. Hafsat Idris @official_hafsaidris202M
  4. Nafisa Abdullahi – @nafeesat_official 1.9M
  5. Maryam Booth @officialmaryambooth 1.9M
  6. Mansura Isah @mansurah_isah 1.5M
  7. Saratu Gidado Daso @saratudaso 1M

Above are the list of most followed Kannywood Actresses on Instagram (NOTE: This list is not official). Henceforth, most of their followers are mutual. Rahma Sadau reach 1M first and then Hadiza Gabon.

They’re bless to Hausa Community and Kannywood in advance, is hardly to see a person on Instagram that doesn’t follow one person or more out of this actresses.

Coming years, as we expect, each one will get additional 3M followers, because of the raising-in Social Media accounts in Hausa Community.

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