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How to submit your Video to AREWA24

How to submit your Video to AREWA24

Is not a big deal submitting a video to the Channel, many Artist/Producers wants to submit their content to the Channel, but they don`t know how the ways work. Here are some simple steps on How to submit your Video to Arewa24;

AREWA24 is a Nigerian satellite television channel available on DSTV, GOtv, and Startimes that showcases the lifestyle of the Northern Region, Nigeria. It is the first free-to-air channel to use the Hausa language.

  1. Your video must be an International Standard Video. That means you must produce a good quality video including audio. On this section you must get to a big Producer to make you a standard video.
  2. Attach the video with (Artist Name) (Video Title) (Record Label Name) send to

Immediately, after they see your message department will review it and show it to a specific program. But this will take 1 to 2 weeks.

Another way of getting your video on Arewa24 is by contacting Program Managers like Top10 (Zafafa Goma) Nomiis Gee, or TY Shaban on their social media by tagging your Video to their post or using hashtag #Zafafagoma #Arewa24.

Whenever, they see your talent and video quality, they contact you and ask you to bring it.

Here are the simplest ways to get your video on Arewa24.

NB: Your video must comply with AREWA24 rules and regulation before they approved it.

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