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How To Win Ludo King Every Time

How To Win Ludo King Every Time

Ludo king is a very popular android game, it is quite an unpredictable game and very difficult to hack. How To Win Ludo King Every Time

But there are some tricks with those tricks you can always get a higher number of dice like 4, 5 or 6.

The game has two parts safe zone and unsafe zone.

There is no such a cheats code to increase your coins but we have some tricks that will get you.

Here are some tips for ludo king game:

  1. Utilize your time to think and then take the best move possible.
  2. Open all your pieces, as soon as you get chance.
  3. Do not always keep running only single piece, invest your numbers on all other pieces too
  4. Always try to remember a number which can lead you to best place or safe place, number which will let you kill the opponent.
  5. Kill the opponents as much as possible. This may increase chance of your winning.
  6. Keep piece in a safe place and move it only if you get a bigger number, this will prevent you from getting killed.
  7. If you have a number of no use for any of pieces, then move piece that is nearest to the starting point.
  8. If your defeat is unavoidable just turn mobile data off or wifi off and your all coins will be restored. This is how you won’t lose any coins.
  9. The more you will move your pieces logically, can prevent your pieces from getting killed by an opponent.

These tricks can surely increase your gaming experience and chances of winning.

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