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Hussaini Danko – Dawo Full Album Mp3 Download

Hussaini Danko – Dawo Full Album Mp3 Download

Singer, songwriter and film producer Danko has come up with a new style in 2021 bring a released of 11 hottest songs in an Album pack titled Dawo. Hussaini Danko – Dawo Full Album Mp3 Download.

Danko, a resident of Kano, has risen to prominence over the years and is one of the leading Hausa singers in Northern Nigeria.


1. Dawo

DOWNLOAD MP3 (164 downloads)

2. So Al’ajabi

DOWNLOAD MP3 (127 downloads)

3. Wanene Ni

DOWNLOAD MP3 (121 downloads)

4. Aminiyata

DOWNLOAD MP3 (134 downloads)

5. Doguwa

DOWNLOAD MP3 (123 downloads)

6. Maryam

DOWNLOAD MP3 (152 downloads)

7. Baby

DOWNLOAD MP3 (115 downloads)

8. Kawata

DOWNLOAD MP3 (121 downloads)

9. Tafiya Da Gwaninka Sabon Salo

DOWNLOAD MP3 (205 downloads)

10. Da Rai Da Rabo

DOWNLOAD MP3 (109 downloads)

11. Tarkon Zato

DOWNLOAD MP3 (111 downloads)

In the album, he sings a love song, peaceful and entertaining.

All the songs were produced by Kasheepu under Hussaini Danko Record Studio, and the album project started in 2021 and was completed within a year.

Hussaini Danko is a world-renowned singer and songwriter, and has a huge fans in every country, especially in West Africa.

He has won major awards at numerous conferences with awards from other music production companies.

Last year 2020 he released many song that make him break record of Northern Artist to hit 1.2m stream on all platform in a week, this earns him so much respect from South people, and he is going to be nominated 2022 at Headies Award.

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