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Man Kill His 3 Children After Getting Drunk.

Man Kill His 3 Children After Getting Drunk.

This happens is a village called Tumohi, a Man Kill all his 3 children after getting drunk from a party.

Balanku Odemirr, come back from party drunk start beating his family, village people come help them.

Eye witness say “The time he come back, he is soo drunk

“After he enter the house we start hearing noise like someone is terrible crying, then We enter and discover beating his 3 children with sticks”

After next day the man was invited to party, the time he come back he kill the 3 children, stab the wife in left leg.

The wife says “Yesterday, Ode beat the children, like a hell I try to help them but he fright to beat me too”

“While next day come with something like scissors stab them all in the neck.”

“I am inside neighbors house fetching water”

“Children are innocent, Ode claiming that they are laughing at him every time”.

Odemirr has been sent directly to prison and the corpses was buried accordingly.

This is not the first time parent kill their own born children un-reasons.

Bala Talumni Divisional Police Officer says “After we were notified that someone murdered”.

“We get there immediately and discover one man sleeping on the floor and 3 children bleeding to death”

“Rush them to hospital, and later Doctors says they’re dead already”.

Comedian Actor Ahmad Aliyu Tage is Dead

“Send him to prison for detection and will be charge fully for his crime, his wife were sent to relatives”.

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