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What happened between Adam A. Zango and Ummi Rahab?

What happened between Adam A. Zango and Ummi Rahab?

What happened between Adam A. Zango and Ummi Rahab? Everybody knows and believed that Adam A. Zango brought Ummi Rahab to the forefront of the world, treated her well and made her famous.

As a result of her beautiful face and interactions with big guys Ajebotars, She is now trying to change her behavior from the one Zango gives her. That’s why people asking about What happened between Adam A. Zango and Ummi Rahab?

Ummi Rahab

People are rumored that Adam A. Zango has brought the little girl into the film industry, that he is destroying life of little girl. Adam A. Zango told the BBC that Ummi has changed behavior upon the one he try to give her.

It all started after Adam refused to include Ummi in his new Youtube Series FARIN WATA.

Ummi Rahab post on her Instagram page said “Stop saying you’re educating me, otherwise I will reveal all your secrets”. Many people said that, if this girl talk this then Zango is corrupting her and not educating her.

The question is, why is the girl trying to reveal a secret about him?.

Adam A Zango is a man of the people, good and bad, adults and children, and he has many assistant in every state across the North.

Ummi Rahab has been a fan of posting beautiful photos on her Instagram page.

Because of their famous, everyone gets a side, and their fans began to fight with each other.

Adam A. Zango says “I leave Ummi to move on with her life and follow any path she wants to” tells the BBC.

He also prayed for her so that she would know the truth and return to the true path.

What people do not understand is what Ummi Rahab did, which is why she is considered a corrupt. Some say she avoided living at home and followed the rich into prostitution, while others say she was dishonest and manner less.

We will update you, as soon as we get the real answer on all this.

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