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What would you do first when you get $1Million dollars?

What would you do first when you get $1Million dollars?

In Nigerian Naira, One Million Dollars is equal to 411,500,000.00 Naira. What would you do first when you get $1Million dollars?

Most of the human being in the world are poor, some they barely survive every single day because of house domestics.

Many youth need money to study some to play a luxury life as a result of lack in money, they’re living anyhow.

As how you’re living now, what can you do, when you hit the notorious Money in your life, many people is already greedy even before they get the money, while others  give up until they have it.

One man say “If i get $1Million, i will do what I didn’t do since i was born, all the flex and chill i must do and feel what rich feel.” “Buy expensive cars and clothes, get a beautiful wife then enjoy my life”.

The other man says “As long as i get $1Million dollars i will start investing it so that my future family will not felt into what i felt”. “Since, my life is long over, but for them it will be the beginning”.

Precisely, every man has his own opinion on how to spend big money, you can share your own thoughts below inside comment area.

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