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Wizkid – Steady Mp3 Download

Wizkid – Steady Mp3 Download

Starboy Machal continue making his fans so proud and better as he is dropping single bomb, titled Steady, get the Wizkid – Steady Mp3 Download and enjoy it.

The song is inside his MIL Deluxe Edition.

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Mi love her all the time (2x)
Something to feel alright

[Verse 1]
I want time with you, girl, you’re movin’ it slow, you know? (Slow, you know?)
You’re movin’ it slow, you know? (Slow, you know?)
That’s why I just want more (More)
I could never ever lie, -ie, -ie
Girl, you look like my type of fine, ‘ine, ‘ine
I want you, you don’t wanna cry, y-y-y-y
Owo ti de you never need to worry

All I need from my baby, oh
Something steady
Good, she a five-star lady, oh
Body physically sexy (Lady, oh)
Something steady
Smooth like a five-star lady, oh (Lady, oh)
That’s my baby
The gyal I miss me, yeah

[Verse 2]
Nobody ever hold me down like this
You done start something, oh woah
You count on me for love
I’ve never ever seen this one, woah, woah
This one na one chance, e be substance
I’ll be your mental, you give me tension
Steady, fit to lose my head
I no fi lose you, babe, baby, oh


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